Tuesday, April 08, 2008

UFC and Sextuplets

I'm watching UFC fight night on Spike! Love it! I have no idea why I'm addicted to UFC, I just love this shit! These guys are animals. I especially like UFC All Access where they show their training - they are hard core, y'all!! One episode showed Wanderlei Silva doing his training with his nostrils taped shut, breathing through a SNORKEL!! OMFG! He was doing hard core tabata-type intervals, weights, sprints, drills, and THEN, he got in the POOL! Still with the snorkel on and started doing drills in the water! Bring it, yo! Here, I found a youtube, the snorkel training starts about minute 7:

Last night I was watching marathon episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Have you ever seen this? They have two sets of multiples - twins and SEXTUPLETS! When I first saw this show a couple years ago, I thought, oh, that poor woman. Ugh! But now that the little ones are older - they're 3 - and they all have their own personalities, it actually seems kind of cool. I know, I sound insane. Maybe not having six babies At. One. Time. But having a big family - they just have so much love. More people = more love!

I'm still doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women workouts. I can't say they are the most challenging or engaging workouts I've ever done. I suffered through the original NROL workouts, and Afterburn, both of which kind of blow these workouts out of the water. It looks like they get better as time goes on, but in the beginning maybe just a bit too tame for me. I'm not giving up just yet! Maybe I'll add another set to make it 3x10 instead of 2x10.

Happy Tuesday, y'all. Hey, when is it Springtime??? So much for global warming..... LOL!


Laurie said...

Think the NROL thing is a boy/girl thing? Sort of like how everyone like me who did regular BFL then BFL for Women came out and it really sort of wussed out which is really too bad. Sends a bad message.

Visionquester said...

I freakin' love fighters too! There is this one fighter at my gym that kicks his own ass...we're talking 12% incline straight running at level 10 for eons, then the bag, then the dumbells....

His chest is HUGE...I love man tits. Ok...enough of that.

Mind if I link you from Vision Quest II?