Thursday, September 17, 2009

I bore myself.

Seriously, this blog is boring lately, it's bothering even ME, and it's MINE! But I have nothing to blog about at the moment. Or, rather, I do, but can't/won't/don't want to.

Enough with the sickness.... I thought I got better, but then my nose got all stuffed up. Now it's either allergies or I don't know what but it's truly making me sort of miserable! And I'm not sleeping again, so it's contributing to my already-weariness. I'm so tired I'm falling asleep on the couch at 7:30, but then when I go get in bed I can't fall asleep? It's like I can't get my body/brain to STFU.

I am deeply despondent about the ending of season 2 of True Blood and I cannot BELIEVE they are waiting almost a fraking YEAR to start the next season! Yes, even though the season finale was sort of anti-climactic, I still loves it. It didn't surprise me that it ended with a fizzle because they went off on that whole Maryanne tangent and that was really kind of annoying. If they had just stuck with the storyline in book 2, it would have been better. The show climaxed at the whole Light of Day/Godric-burning thing anyway. Pffft. I suppose in the meantime I will content myself to read the rest of the books. I'm on book 5 right now. And I just heard Charlaine Harris published another book in the series!

I can't even look at the news because I get sick with Fear & Loating of Obamacare and all the other retardedness going on in the government these days. Sigh. Let's just say I didn't vote for him. Not that I really had high hopes for McCain either, but at least we wouldn't be swiftly tilting towards socialism.

Speaking of "swiftly tilting", you know, that was like my all time favorite book when I was younger - A Swiftly Tilting Planet. It was so good. I should read it again and find out why I liked it so much the first time. I'm guessing it probably had a bigger impact on me than I realize.

I used to read SO MUCH. I used to zip through piles of library books. I don't read as much anymore. Probably because I spend so much time on the computer reading stuff at work, I don't feel like reading anymore after that.

Let's see, let's see... there's bullshit at work, but I don't really want to go into it. It's still hot. Although now we have our a/c in the living room it makes things MUCH more pleasant. Except I've noticed now that we have the house shut up more that it smells funny in there. Like stuffy or mildewy or something. Great. It probably IS, we just didn't notice it when we had all the windows/doors open all the time.

That's it for now. I'm going home to watch Martha! :D

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Black Daffodil Films said... are in the SAME blog rut I am...I think its just a lack of desire to make those would-be interesting daily things seem interesting???

UGH--I am in a perpetual state of grumpiness over Obamacare and then yesterday with the missile defense system stuff. Kind of makes me want to invest in those Bose headphones that are guaranteed to block out all noise and just pump Bob Marley into my head :-) HA!

Keep writing...I miss you when you're gone!