Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's just pretend Week 9 never happened, shall we?

Week 9. Oh dear. Let's file Week 9 under "The Week I Sucked At Pregnancy" and move right the hell on, M'Kay? This week's behavior was definitely not befitting of a Pregnancy Viking and shall henceforth be stricken from the record and not be admissible as evidence in a court of law.

First off, I skipped not one, not two, but THREE (3) of my planned workouts. Two cardio and one lifting session. Yes, I have my excuses (am pregnant, am tired, am lazy, am bored with said workouts, etc) blah blah blah... no more! There is no - repeat NO - reason to miss workouts unless I am lying in a sickbed. I have pleeeenty of time during work to go move my body for an hour. Plan for self-flagellation: double up tomorrow and Sunday (and maybe Saturday too). Now don't go worrying - doubling up only means I will do my regular lifting plus go for a walk. Hardly overtraining territory. And Saturday it might mean my walk plus a yoga session. Remember, Self: We have never regretted working out!

Secondly, my diet this week... yikes. Can we just erase this week from the history books, nutritionally speaking? You know, wipe the slate clean, no harm no foul? No? Well then, bless me Father, for I have sinned, it's been (uhhhhh) 13? years since my last confession. It has not helped matters that I have been having cravings for all sorts of strange and interesting things. And it's different every day. I normally cannot eat the things I am craving more than once or I get barfy thinking about it.

On Saturday there were the aforementioned buttermilk pancakes doggypaddling in butter and syrup, plus a farmer's omlette! And that was just breakfast!

Sunday it was shrimp scampi that I made with lots of butter and feta and garlic.

Monday featured steak and a salad dripping with ranch dressing, egg, avocado, tomato, and sesame seeds (at Buzz's!).

On Tuesday I had a craving for pizza, which I have been wanting for a week now, but not yet indulged. Instead I satisfied another craving for peanut butter and salad made with butter lettuce leaves (not together).

Yesterday I had a craving for a refried bean burrito with cheddar cheese, but I was like, no that is just ridiculous. But then I got home from work and found a can of mexican black beans in the pantry and the next thing you know I'm shoveling them + shredded cheddar in my piehole with a spoon (we didn't have any tortillas). I ate nearly the whole can. (No I did not spend the whole night tooting, but thanks for wondering.)

And today. Ye gods. *Hangs head in shame* Pregnancy FAIL. Last night I was laying in bed not able to fall asleep, so I said to Adam, I can't sleep my head is racing around in circles. A few minutes later he asked what I was thinking about, and I was like, I'm having an argument with myself about whether I should get Subway for lunch tomorrow or pack something healthy from the fridge. Or maybe go get a slice of pizza and a DQ blizzard. I finally fell asleep and this morning I dutifully packed a couple of hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, a baggie of cut veggies and an apple and peanut butter for my lunch. But the junk food was like a siren song, and the thought of eating my cottage cheese... barrrrf. Here's what I ended up eating instead:

- 2 hard boiled eggs
- snack pack of peanut butter sandwich crackers, snack pack of oreo cookies, about 5 Reese's mini peanut butter cups
- 6" Italian BMT Sub (with MAYO! The horror!) and a packet of baked lays, plus 3 chocolate chip cookies and a diet Sprite
- a Twix PB bar, 3 Heath miniatures, 4 or 5 more Reese's and 2 Lindt truffles

Sweet baby Jeebus!

You might be wondering if I made myself sick eating all that candy and crap. The Lord's honest truth is: I felt better after I ate it. Seriously. Not even trying to rationalize. I woke up with a headach and feeling all nauseated and pukey, right up until I started in with the peanut butter crackers. And magically my headache went away and the nausea stopped. But lo, the guilt!

Seriously, I need to get "TWO LBS" tatooed on my forehead so I remember that WE'S NOT S'POSEDA GET FATZ YET!!! You'd think I would remember that considering I complain to my poor, beleaguered husband on a daily basis about how Fat I Ammmm! And I feel frummmmmpyyyy! And did I mention faaaaat??? (Even though truly, I hadn't gained any weight yet at my 8 week appointment... although that was before this week's festivities.) I have 3 weeks left in the first trimester to do better!!!



You're so funny. What a roller-coaster ride! It's good that Adam's so even-keel -- he can talk you down off the ledge. Of course so is Nick, but whenever I complain to him about feeling all poofy he looks at me logically (as though I hadn't thought of it) and says "Well why don't you hit the gym today?" THANKS. He means well, but he thinks like a dude.

I love the pregnancy tickers. It's all very exciting! Do you know yet if you'll find out the sex of the baby, or will it be a surprise?

Black Daffodil Films said...

What a week, huh? I am so thankful that sweets made me barf with both pregnancies. Um, but not so much french fries and pizza.

Bless your heart..that first trimester and probably part of the second is so awkward. It feels so great when you finally start looking pregnant and not'll come...and maternity clothes (believe it or not) actually help you look more pregnant than bloated too! Get them as early as you can!

Bisous said...

Take it easy on yourself! Pregnancy is a great excuse for skipping workouts, especially if you are feeling sick or tired!