Monday, September 21, 2009

A Year Ago

A year ago today Adam and I got engaged in Wichita, KS. If you had told me on that day that in one year we would be married and expecting our first baby it wouldn't have surprised me one bit! It is exactly what we both wanted and I'm very happy with everything going on in my life right now. Well, except for my job... still not happy there.

I haven't broken the news at work yet. I want to wait a couple more weeks at least to get past the time of the highest risk of miscarriage. I figure next week or the week after I will tell them. I don't exactly look pregnant yet so nobody is any the wiser. Although my uterus is apparently the size of a grapefruit (!!) it is still "in my pelvis" (whatever that means) so there's no pregnant belly to show off at the moment. And Papoose is only about the size of a gummi bear right now. Most of the expanding is just bloat at the moment. All my clothes still fit, although my pants are getting a little tight. Supposedly around week 12 my uterus will start expanding up towards my bellybutton and give me a more pregnant look. I can't wait!

The first trimester is such a weird time. Especially because not everybody knows! My stomach is getting rounder but I don't look pregnant yet, just fat. I'm hungry but nauseated and nothing appeals to eat. I'm tired and exhausted, but I can't sleep at night. All of this is supposed to get better by the second trimester. The time is dragging on right now. I'm sure I will look back and think how fast it all went by!


Black Daffodil Films said...

I KNOW! I swear for the first 12 weeks I looked like I had the most random a college freshman with a beer belly. All the bloating and sickness starts to become not so bad when you feel the little one move for the first's completely magical.

I used to sit at my desk at work with Layla and play with her by pushing on my my very own little play toy/distraction from the daily rut :-)

Isn't it crazy to think such a small body organ can stretch SO BIG and then snap back into place. Its amazing how many organs shift to make room for baby and even more amazing that they find their way back to where they belong..

Laurie said...

Congrats!!! That's awesome.