Monday, September 28, 2009

Pregnancy Crazy

EEK! The ticker baby is looking all baby-ish and not like a little alien baby anymore! Cool!

So, Adam informed me after reading my last post that he is decidedly NOT "poor and beleaguered" and that he would have fed me the Oreos. In fact, to prove his point, he gleefully participated in extending the dietary debauchery through the weekend. I think he thinks it's fun: like we are back in college and to hell with our love handles!

I may or may not have gotten into the candy and Oreo's again on Friday (ok, I did), and then I was not feeling nauseated AT ALL, and I started to really freak myself out that maybe I was going to have a miscarriage and OH MAH GAWD, WHAT IF I KILLED MAH BAYBEEE WITH OREOOOOS! Which: I know. Totally irrational. But pregnancy hormones do some weird things to your brain. And we still haven't heard the baby's heartbeat. And I was the only one in my office on Friday, so I spent the better part of the day going down internet black holes, and I advise you not to do this if you are pregnant because NO GOOD CAN COME OF GOOGLING "CAN I HAVE A MISCARRIAGE AND NOT KNOW". Trust me on this one. (In fact, I discovered that you CAN have a miscarriage and not know. There were plenty of women on the chat boards who went in for their 12 week appointment only to find out the baby stopped growing in week 8. )

I got home and decided to cook some shrimp and by the time I was finished, I was standing there gagging as I pulled them out of the pan, so I guess I'm still nauseated, although no less paranoid. Nothing "healthy" appeals to eat. My normal routine of grilled meats, salads or cooked veggies, nuts, fruit, is not appetizing. I can't stand the idea of uncooked meat. Veggies don't appeal. Even fruit makes me feel a bit queasy. When I couldn't eat the shrimp on Friday I asked Adam to get me a pizza from Papa John's. Can I tell you I hardly even remember the last time I ate a pizza from Papa John's?! I don't think we'll be doing it again either because that damn pizza cost almost $30!!! For a thin crust supreme. Since when does a freaking pizza cost that much? Is it because we are in Hawaii? And it was much smaller than either of us remembered. We finished off all but one piece between the two of us. Man it was good though.

Satisfying a pregnancy craving is like having a religious experience. Saturday we went to Teddy's Bigger Burgers and I had the best hamburger dripping with ketchup and mayo, plus nice thick fries and a hand-made chocolate milk shake. And Sunday I found myself BAKING COOKIES. Like, getting all domestic with the measuring cups and stuff. And then Adam and I sat there giggling like five year olds licking the spoons and the bowl and then eating gooey, melty chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.


On a positive note, I got caught up on workouts! I actually went and did my 4 mile loop on Thursday night after I wrote that last post. And I did the same plus lift on Friday, and did the loop again on Saturday. So really I only missed one workout last week - on my planned day off.

We watched "The Business of Being Born" last night - which, I know, Ricki Lake - but I thought it was pretty interesting. If you are thinking about having a natural birth, I would give it a try. It's definitely pro-natural birth and anti-intervention, so if that gets under your skin, better to avoid. There was a lot of footage of natural home births, which was kind of fascinating, and made me feel more confident about wanting to pursue a natural birth. Seeing those women absolutely glowing after giving birth was inspiring (as opposed to watching like TLC's Baby Story where the women are screaming bloody murder and the babies are all in distress). I remember when I first heard Ricki Lake gave birth in her bathtub, I thought she was crazy and that was gross and misguided. But the more I've read about birth, the more open I've become to the idea of giving birth at home, even in the water. And by the time we were done watching that last night, even Adam was like, maybe you should give birth in our bathtub? :) Even though we'll be 25% of the way thru this pregnancy at the end of this week, we still have PLENTY of time to make these decisions.

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Black Daffodil Films said...

YUM...Papa John's! But THIRTY DOLLARS...yikes. That's insane! It makes my 30 minute drive to spend $10 on a cucumber sushi roll not SO bad :-) Darn pregnancy cravings.

And....those crazy preggo moments when you worry and know you are being ridiculous...they don't go away. Neil has a list of things that I STILL worry about with of which is suffocation??? Strange but true...I worry she'll get stuck in her blankie (even though she's twice its size). HA!