Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A few things...

- Adam is getting close to being done with his current assignment with the P-3 squadron. He'll be checking out before the end of November! He has to go on deployment one more time to turn over with his replacement. That will probably happen in the beginning of November, and he assures me he is going to be home before the 20th. He better because I am going to be one pissed off pregnant chick if I'm here in Hawaii all by MYSELF on Thanksgiving!

- Adam's next job is going to be at the Joint Intelligence Operations Center (JIOC) on the other side of the island, near where I work, and near Pearl Harbor. If you look at the map of Hawaii, Adam works right now on the upper right side where it says Kaneohe Station and we live basically right off the highway on the bay there. I currently work on the left side in the middle where it says Aiea at Camp Smith, and right below that where it says Halawa is where Adam's new job is going to be.

- Instead of having to commute all the way across the island, we are hoping to move to the other side into military housing. The commute is not the only reason for this. The military housing is new, bigger, and has central air conditioning. It's all located right around Halawa. We drive over there almost every weekend anyway to go to Costco, Whole Foods and Target. If we are able to move it will be more convenient. The downsides to moving are that it is more crowded on the other side of the island, and hotter. There is more traffic. Oh, and I will have just given birth two months before! Our lease ends June 30, and we are not eligible to move into military housing until our lease is up. We should know 30-45 days before that whether they have a house for us or not. Since we are so far out, we should make it to the top of the waiting list by then - keeping my fingers crossed!

- Adam kind of had to sweet talk the lady at the housing office because we are technically not eligible for a 3 bedroom house. It is aggravating and unfair and I think the lady sympathized because she pulled some strings and got us on the list anyway. Adam basically told her we were going to expand our family before we leave here and they will just have to move us again. Which is true. We are hoping to at least be pregnant again before we leave here in 3 years, if not already have another baby by that time. The only two bedroom houses they have are far away and were built in the 70's! We will have 5 bedrooms worth of stuff by the time we set up our nursery and we are in a 4 bedroom place now, so it would be impossible to fit in a 2 bedroom anyway. Adam and I each had queen size beds, and we got a new king size when we got married, plus we have an office. With the nursery, that is 5 rooms of stuff!

-I ordered some more maternity pants from Gap and Old Navy today. I have ordered several pairs online already and ended up sending them back because they were too big. Hopefully these fit because my regular clothes seem to be getting too tight. I'm in the weird stage where my regular clothes are starting to not fit right (shirts riding up and too tight across the chest and pants too tight around the waist), but I know maternity stuff is going to be ridiculous on me right now because I by no means have a bump yet. It's coming soon though. I am having cramping the last couple days which means my uterus is growing again! At least my boobs seem to have stopped for the moment!


Black Daffodil Films said...

HEY...have you gotten a belly band yet? You can get them at any maternity store--and Target sells some really good ones.

BUT they allow you to wear your normal pants, unbuttoned and/or unzipped and the band holds your pants up :-) baby...lots to be excited about for sure!

Laurie said...

I loved Old Navy maternity clothes - but I also didn't have to dress up very much. Target was good too.

You should absolutely think about doing a race after, of course, you have this baby. It's a ton of fun, and great focus for working out. If you can find one I suggest, at least a first race be a women's only race - they are so much fun and low-key.