Monday, October 05, 2009


Ahhh, it's Monday. Again. We had a relaxing weekend spent mostly at home sitting directly in front of our window a/c unit trying to keep cool. I just cannot stand the heat lately, it makes me feel like I'm going to die, or at best, pass out cold. On Saturday we watched the Aggies get spanked by Arkansas. Man, was that depressing or what? The first quarter looked so promising and then they let it all unravel. Aggies' offense just did not look good. We're still having fun trying out various restaurants around town, which Adam loves because I normally do not like to eat out, but I can't stand the thought of cooking these days. I've pretty much lost the will to limit what I'm eating in any meaningful way. I had high hopes that I would follow a sensible, but restricted, pregnancy diet and only get bigger in my stomach, and end up with a perfect watermelon belly and lose it all right away after the birth.... hahahahaha. I'm certainly not pigging out on junk food (all the time), but there's no telling what I will feel like eating day to day, and mostly it's not grilled chicken and salads (BLEH). My new strategy is bascially do the best I can. I'm taking my fish oil & cod liver oil & vitamins. I'm eating protein with every meal. But I also have 4 flavors of ice cream in my freezer. Sometimes a peanut butter & jelly sandwich is the only acceptable thing to eat. Hey, it's whole grain German chunks-of-bark-in-it bread, all natural peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts) and organic jelly. Like I said, the best I can. I don't want to gain more than 30 lbs, but I've decided not to become too obsessive about it. If I don't do anything too crazy, it will work out ok, I have to trust that. I still haven't told work! Next Tuesday we will get to hear the baby's heartbeat! I am thinking I'm going to wait until after that to make any announcements. I feel like everything is more than likely fine, and it would probably be ok to tell work now, but it's only a week away. We had our first big rainstorm of the season last night. It was so loud it woke me up and I laid there half the night listening to the deluge. I had to call the post office this morning and they said they were closed because their roof caved in! That's all I got right now!


Jadey 0:-) said...

I think waiting is always a good idea esp with work. Because as cool as they might be - what if they aren't? Screw havibg them make your life hell for longer if they could have waited.

I think it's all so exciting. You are making me want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches now and we don't even have "jelly" like yours here in Australia. And I have never had it before. FREAK!

Bisous said...

I had to tell work very early because I was throwing up all the time, and I really didn't want them to think I was hung over every morning. :)