Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More pregnancy nonsense and due date changes to May 3

I was planning to go to the gym an hour ago, but I realized I forgot my gym socks. I *KNEW* I was forgetting something when I packed my gym bag this morning. I stood there blinking, staring into the bag hoping the item would reveal itself to me, and finally thought, no I guess I have everything. Duhhhhhh. Can I blame it on pregnancy brain?

I thought I might find some socks across the street in the mini-mart so I went over there about 30 minutes ago. They do have athletic socks... if your feet are a men's size 8-9. They were awful and they only came in 3-packs. I opted to do my workout later after I get home instead of buying 3 awful pairs of socks. Then I saw an egg salad sandwich in the cooler and I kind of wanted to eat it for lunch. But I decided not to buy it. Even though I kind of don't want to eat the chicken wings I brought with me from home. Meh.

I'm wearing maternity pants for the first time today and I love them and hate them. They are really comfy and don't constrict my belly at all. But they also go up to my armpits (secret fit belly) and they keep falling down because my belly is not big enough yet.

I changed my tickers because when we had our ultrasound yesterday, the midwife thought I wasn't quite as far along as they first thought. I done told them when I first went in that I didn't ovulate on day 14 of my cycle and my due date was probably a little later than 4/30! But they just smiled like "poor dear thinks she knows more than us" and wrote down 4/30. So if I ovulated when I thought I did and not later (which is also possible*) then I'll be 12 weeks pregnant next Monday and not this Friday like I thought.

*I was charting and my temp shifted twice. I thought the first time was when I ovulated, but it could also be that I didn't ovulate until the second shift. Which would kind of make sense because got very faint positives on the HPT's I took exactly 14 days after the first shift, which should have been enough time fora clearpositive, BUT would have only been a week after the second shift, which would have been pretty early to get a positive HPT. WHO KNOWS. If I didn't ovulate until the later date, I'll be 11 weeks on this Friday. It's only a few days either way (but the latter scenario is still a WHOLE WEEK LESS than what I was going by before... even though I knew it was probably the wrong due date... I no longer know what I'm talking about in this sentence so I'm going to stop).

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