Monday, October 26, 2009

For those of you who happen to care about the minute details of my life (hi Mom!)

I wish I had something fascinating to update with but seeing as how nothing (NOTHING) that would interest you has happened to me in ... days? ... weeks? I have nothing. I know it's been all Baby up in these parts lately, but I don't even have anything to report on that front. We seem to have reached a pregnancy lull where nothing much is happening. Our next exciting appointment is not for another 7 weeks - that's the ultrasound where we find out the sex of the baby. Everything is the same. Even my body doesn't seem to be changing much the last few weeks. My waistline is staying pretty much the same. The books all say I will gain a pound a week and my uterus will be growing up and up throughout the second trimester, but I haven't noticed anything particularly unusual yet.

Adam's cousin who was supposed to have her baby the same week as us had a miscarriage this week. So of course I have been worrying about our little Papoose. I assume s/he is still bouncing around in there because I'm still having bouts of nausea, but I really wish we could hear the heartbeat again, just to confirm s/he is still well.

The ticker baby is going strong though! It looks like it had another growth spurt. It got taller and skinnier again. Apparently the (real) baby is now the size of my fist and can drink and pee. Wheee! Good times.

I actually got inspired to cook this weekend. Like real food, with raw ingredients! Adam did not faint, much as I expected him to. Last night I made curry turkey burgers on sprouted grain buns. They were super yum. I also made a stew-like concoction of chicken and squash in a cream sauce. Haven't sampled it yet but it looks tasty. (ETA: I just tried it and it's kind of like a creamy chicken noodle soup. Without the noodles. It's good, but not delicious like the recipe made it sound - i.e., cheezy and thick.) I'm planning to make a few more things this week: taco salads, chili and eggplant with meat sauce. This is more than I have actually cooked since like before Adam and I got married. I should get some pictures of this stuff up to entice your taste buds.

I also want to post pics of my expanding girth of pregnant glory (aka: the belly), but ... as much as it is protruding ripely, it has not really reached the stage of looking actually honest-to-god pregnant. Instead it looks more like I-just-overate-at-Thanksgiving-dinner.

I spent a good 30 minutes this afternoon trying to explain to my colleague (the one with duct tape on his shoes) that the President is not elected by the popular vote, but rather by the electoral college. He totally didn't believe me that you could win the popular vote and lose the electoral college and therefore the election (hello! where were you in 2000??? where were you in 7th grade???), or that the electoral college members could technically vote any way they wanted and didn't HAVE to vote for the most-favored candidate in their state.

I learn so many fascinating things while I'm at work.

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