Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby's first trip to the beach

Avery's been to the beach once before, but she slept in the sling the whole time, so this is her first *real* trip to the beach.  I mentioned a couple posts ago that we spent a couple days over at Bellow's Beach while my aunt was visiting.  It was fun to put Avery's feet in the sand for the first time!
She seemed to like it ok at first.  I put her feet in the water and in the sand at the edge of the water, and she just stared at her feet like what in the world is THIS?!
She is no doubt going to be a beach baby... I'm sure as soon as she is walking and playing on her own she will love going to the beach and playing in the sand and water.  I keep thinking she will be two and a half by the time we leave here.  That's plenty old enough for her to have some good times at the beach.  She won't remember it, of course, but it will be fun for mom and dad.
This picture kind of cracks me up (and makes me go "awww") because if you look closely you can see she's sticking her bottom lip out!  We were trying to get a picture of her footprints in the sand, but I think she'd had enough.
Baby feets.
This was the view from our cabin at Bellow's.

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