Monday, August 16, 2010

Recent Developments

On Saturday we had our friends over who have a two month old baby.  (Yes, I know!  Friends with a baby, it excites me too!)  We were all sitting around the living room talking and Adam was playing with the Little and holding her up over his head for this game he calls Airplane, and you guys, SHE LAUGHED!!!!  It was so incredible and amazing and wonderful to hear her laugh!  I was so glad that I got to hear that, and glad that it was her sweet daddy who made her do it, and glad all over again that I'm not working and missing out on this stuff.  I had gotten her to giggle a few times before that, just little ones, and I knew a real laugh was coming soon.  I'm sure we'll have video of it to post before too long.

She's also discovered her bottom lip.  It's the funniest thing, she sucks on her bottom lip and makes this little turtle face.
It's especially hilarious when she wants to smile or get frustrated while she's doing it because she can't stop sucking long enough to make a mad/happy face.  Here she was getting mad while sucking on her lip!

Speaking of sucking on things, we've noticed her sucking on her thumb a few times now.  I am really hoping she doesn't become a thumb sucker, but I'm not about to discourage some self-soothing.

Usually when she needs a nap, I wrap her up like a little burrito in a blanket and put her up on my shoulder and pace around the house bouncing and patting and humming to her to get her to fall asleep.  Yeah, that means I'm usually spending between 1 and 2 hours pacing around the house with her like that just for nap time (MY BACK IS GOING TO BREAK!).  I have a short repertoire of songs that I hum to her starting with Lullabye, then Amazing Grace, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Silent Night (and sometimes Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - what?!), and that's about all the songs I know, so I cycle through those and hum them over and over until she's out.  She usually mashes her mouth onto my shoulder and peers around until she can't keep her eyes open anymore.  Well, she's started this little moaning/humming thing like she's trying to hum along with me and it's the darn cutest thing!  As I'm walking around humming, she's going "mmmmm-ooohhh-uhhhnnnn-mmmmm".  I will have to try to get that on video too.

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