Monday, August 30, 2010

More fun in the bumbo seat!

Avery still loves sitting up and she's getting better and better at it.  If she's laying on her back she does this mini-crunch like she's trying to sit up on her own.  I predict it will only be a few more weeks before she's sitting unsupported.

At one of our prenatal ultrasounds, the technician asked us, "Who has the long toes?!"  Of course it's her daddy she inherited those from, as well as the habit of curling them up when she's concentrating really hard!  It's pretty cute.  She does everything with her entire body and soul - I guess that's how babies are - when she's trying to grab a toy and get it in her mouth, you can just hear the wheels turning in her brain, and her little toes curl up and her arms bat out ... oooh, got it! ... and immediately into the mouth.  Sometimes part of the toy gets in her eyes or she gags herself with it and gets mad at the toy.  "Mreeh!" she says and throws it away.  It's amazing to watch her develop different skills.  It's like from one minute to the next all of a sudden she figures something out.  Just a couple days ago I noticed her actually reaching out with both hands to get a toy, when just the day before you had to put it in her hand or on her chest for her to get it.
Little Elf.  She's pretty cute... but I might be biased!

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katie said...

soooo cute. i love how she scrunches her toes! too cute!