Sunday, February 17, 2008

Continuing on with the body acceptance theme....

I'm having a hugely lazy weekend. Sure, I've been (somewhat) productive, but mostly I'm working on wearing the butt-impression into my couch. It's 1:30 here on the East coast and I'm still in my pj's... still in the same spot on the couch as I was at 8:30 this morning. After so many fascinating adventures in Hawaii and such wonderful companionship, these last two lazy weekends have been, well, depressing.

I've been consoling myself by reading every blog I can find that captures my interest. I just spent almost an hour scrolling through pictures on this site where real women post pictures of their bodies after giving birth. I'm both terrified and amazed. What is my body going to look like after having kids?? Tons of stretch marks and stretched out skin?? For some reason I have always thought my body would pretty much bounce back to somewhat normal after giving birth. My mom doesn't look like that. She looks like a 25 year old (not even kidding) - have I gotten an unrealistic expectation from her?! I have stretch marks on my boobs and hips already... does that mean my belly is going to be covered with stretch marks too? Why am I even thinking about this aAAHHHHRHHHHHHHHH! WTF, losing my mind!!!!!

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Anonymous said...


I have a feeling that when you get a beautiful baby out of the deal, it becomes less of an issue. :)

I also have those stretch marks (I think most women do), but there are different creams and things that help with the stomach stretch marks. Also, if you're carrying a healthy weight around 18% or higher when you get pregnant, there is less chance you'll gain as much weight (from what I hear).

I want to look at that link...yet I don't want to...