Monday, February 18, 2008

Two websites to pay attention to

I love Oprah. I read O Magazine every month and am consistently impressed by the content. Everything from the inspiring to the uber-geeky. For example, in this month's issue, two websites to pay attention to...

Project Gutenberg
is an online database where you can download thousands of books to read on your computer. Some are even available in mp3 audio files. These are mostly the classics, but you can find titles like The Art of War, Emma, and On the Origin of the Species.

TED is a gem. If you're like me and miss attending classes in college where you learn random interesting tidbits, you'll love this website. TED is an annual conference bringing together the world's most exciting movers and shakers to give "the talk of their lives" in 18 minutes. The best of these are posted on the website where you can watch for free fascinating segments on architecture, music, dance, global issues and more. I just watched Arthur Benjamin doing Mathemagic, where he squares a 5 digit number in his head! I could get sucked into this site for hours....

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