Monday, June 09, 2008

MORE flooding!!!

You guys are not going to believe this shit, but my apartment flooded AGAIN! WTF? And this time there is some water damage to some of my stuff! They better reimburse me for that... the water came in from the outside! UN. Real. Unbelievable. It might be time to move. Seriously I have had more weird things happen in that apartment - that's the 4th time my apt. has flooded, plus there was the exploding oven door and the man who lived next door who snored so loud it woke me up at night...

Adam is definitely on his way home. He called me from Maine a few hours ago. They had a stop over in Rota, Spain last night and I guess they were out partying and now he's getting sick. Traveling for three days straight would make anyone sick!!

I have to get up extra early tomorrow. I'm going to a training class out in Reston, VA that starts at 8:30... gotta have time to get my workout in before I drive out there! It will be nice to get a break from work. Plus we end at 4:00! Maybe I will go shopping in Tyson's once I'm done... only problem with that is then I'm stuck in rush hour traffic. I'll be in it anyway at 4:00! I used to work out near there before I started working downtown and the rush hour is in full swing by 4:30. Ugh, this city! So many people needing to commute to an area of city the size of a postage stamp, AND cross a river to get there! Talk about a nightmare commute.

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Lindsey said...

YAY...I know you are so excited that Adam is coming back safe and sound! I'm excited for you guys!

Just a quick question--if you go see him in Hawaii...decide not to come back to the continental US...have all your stuff sent over...can Neil and I please PLEEEEAAASSSEEE come and visit ya'll :-)