Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where have I been and Confession time

Can someone please tell me why in heck I am still sitting here in my pajamas at 11:30 on Sunday morning, unshowered, after not moving from this same position all day yesterday? I really need to get going and get some groceries and do some housekeeping. The filth is starting to accumulate and the cupboards are bare.

Sorry I have been MIA from the webz! Last week I was in an immersion seminar at the National Defense University for 'emerging leaders' in the weapons of mass destruction field. It was an interesting week. Long days and lots of deep thinking, plus the stress of being out of my routine, waking up an hour earlier than usual and getting home an hour or more later than I'm used to... I have to say I was pretty burned out after the week. I am glad I got the chance to participate, though. For someone who works in national policy on a daily basis, I still don't often get the chance to get away from my inbox and think about U.S. WMD policy on a more strategic level. It revitalized me. It reminded me why what I'm doing is important and why I like it, and why it's still an exciting field to be in, even though I get the doldrums about it sometimes. One of the best parts was getting to do a table-top gaming exercise. I was in the group with the scenario of a nuclear detonation in downtown Detroit. We were supposed to brief for the Presidential level on what to do. It was really engaging and the program mentors said we did just as well as the senior policymakers who gamed the scenario.

On the other hand, after a successful week of navigating all that stress, I'm not really proud of the extreme laziness or dietary indiscretions that occurred on Friday and yesterday. Those are bad habits I have been doing so well at getting rid of and I had one stressful week and reverted right back to them. Ugh. That makes last week a total wash in the dieting sense. I still have four weeks to go until the end of the TT contest, but a whole week of accumulated fat loss was undone in just the last two days! Bah! WHAT was I thinking? I can't help beating myself up over it, even though I don't want to waste any time or mental energy thinking about the why's and wherefore's.


Adam is coming in less than two weeks! He'll be here July 11. Yay.

Thanks for all the suggestions on tv shows. I started watching a few episodes of Dexter and Weeds and I'm totally hooked on those already. Nothing else has really grabbed my attention yet, but it must be the off season? Because I've recorded a couple of reruns. Or maybe I just don't know how to work my DVR yet.....

I suppose I have more to say but I really do need to get going! Must conquer the Costco and battle the rest of the capital region in the grocery stores... why do I wait till noon to do this?!

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