Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert R.I.P.

I've been sitting here reading y'all's blogs and checking in on the forums while watching the NBC tribute to Tim Russert all morning. I have to say it is really sad! Especially when they showed his empty chair in the Meet the Press room... I got a little misty eyed... !! Ok, my true colors as a political junkie and true Washington-Nerd Supremo are showing through, but seriously! This election will definitely not be the same without him on in the background while I'm puttering around on Sunday morning. Now it's down to Jim Lehrer on the Newshour.... he better stick around or else who is going to be left to report the news????? I love John Stewart and all, but for real.

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree. I was getting misty too. I watched the coverage on and off most of Saturday and Sunday. He will be missed.