Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anyone got a chill pill?

Man, have I been stressed the last couple of weeks. I'm tired, run down, work is insane, and I need a vacation. That chubby little hamster was totally me over the weekend. I'm a stress eater - when life gets rough, I turn to my old friends chocolate and chip. They're gluttons and usually don't make me feel any better, except temporarily. I actually have been kind of feeling like I did when I was hypothyroid - like puffy and groggy and out of it. I'm hoping I will start to feel normal again after some time off.

I'm on my way to Kansas tomorrow! Adam is already there, he landed a few hours ago. My flight leaves at 6:40 am tomorrow from Baltimore, which means I have to leave my apartment at about 4! Eek!

I am so looking forward to it. Working until 8:30 pm is seriously out of control and it needs to stop. I'm afraid it might be like this until I leave, though, as the Administration works at a fever pitch to tie up loose ends and set initiatives in stone. To make matters worse, I have senioritis! Half the time it's like, hey, I'm on my way out the door and I don't really feel like being bothered with this minutia anymore!

I left work a little early today to finish packing and just chill out for an hour or so. I'm pretty sure I won't have this stress level in Hawaii. It's much more of a laid back pace there, and of course, I won't be answering to the highest levels of the U.S. government anymore. Plus, you've heard of Aloha Fridays before? Every Friday is a "holiday" in Hawaii. :D

I'll be starting there November 10! It's going to come up so fast... it gives me a huge stress knot in my stomach to think about packing all my stuff up and uprooting my life and moving to a tiny island thousands of miles away.

I always said I wanted adventure...


Lindsey said...

I know chocolate and chip--I tend to spend time with them while they're mashed up in ice Jack and Johnny (Daniels and Walker).

I can't wait to hear about your Kansas trip (and to see pictures).

Sorry about the video...couldn't get it to post...I need to work on that, I guess :-)

Denise said...

I lived in Hawaii for a year, once. It is fun. You will like it. Realx and try and enjoy your adventure. One thing you should try and remember, you can always move again if you hate it. It is not that hard to put your stuff in a transport crate and put it on a ship. Meanwhile, you get to learn a different culture. Try listening to Hawaii Kine. It is a radio station that has all hawaiian music. Love that stuff. hawaiian music is great. Also go to L&L and have a hawaiian plate lunch. Of course that would have to be a cheat meal. Not really healthy. Macaroni salad is the vegetable. :)