Thursday, September 04, 2008

Decision time

OK, I finally got a salary offer. If I stay in my current job, I will be promoted in January... so while they are offering me 5% more than my current income, it amounts to a pay cut of more than $7,000.

I suppose there are some things money can't buy. Now it's decision time!


Chris said...

Don't make the decision based on money. Hawaii and DC are both expensive markets (not sure which is worse, would likely depend on where in each market you lived. Ballston's high, but not nearly as high as some other places).

Any room for negotiation?

Any idea what advancement opportunities and the corresponding salary increases would look like there versus DC?

Daniel Phelps is moving back here in two months from Muscat, btw. Where's Cara these days?

Michelle said...

Hey Chris!

Cara is actually in South Africa with Matt for a few months... where have YOU been?! :) How's married life?

I just emailed her back to ask if the salary is negotiable.

It's a different pay scale than the one I'm on now. I'm on the GS pay scale and the job would be on NSPS. NSPS is the new "pay for performance" thing that is not really pay for performance since everyone has to split a limited pot of money for just inflation increases AND "step" increases. I could get salary raises based on "performance" but no "promotion" under the new scales.

WTF was Phelps doing in Muscat?!

Chris said...

Phelps is actually a FSO at the embassy there. Erin almost got to meet him professionally, but didn't wind up getting the TDY there.

Here's his blog, so you can catch up on what he's been doing:

Btw, I've been lurking (not posting), but I've been reading your blog at least twice a week since... Well, forever. I love the haircut, which is a real compliment coming from me, since 99% of the time I think women look better with longer hair.

I'm actually heading to South Africa next Spring for a few weeks. Any idea how long Cara will be there? We're thinking of taking a week to hike Kilamanjaro.

Married life is good, I'm back from North Carolina after living down there for the summer and working for American Express. I'm serious about wanting to catch up, I'll drop you an email now that I'm back in town.