Saturday, September 06, 2008

Where'd I leave my grass skirt?

I accepted the job yesterday!!!

I am terrified and excited and completely unbelieving at this point.

Now I have to break the news to my boss. I need to find a good time to do that... when we are not too busy! He is going to be sad, but I think he will understand.

We are getting drenched by Hanna this morning on the west coast. Yes I went over to the gym for my scheduled workout. I was pretty much soaked by the time I got there, and had to slosh around the weight room in wet sneakers!

I'm doing a TT workout called Hot Zone that looks like this:

dynamic warmup
A) split squat / pushup
B) standing 1 arm shoulder press / SB jack knife plank
C) chest supported row / x body mountain climber
intervals on step mill - 6 rounds of 90 seconds hard, 90 seconds easy

I came home and ate a huge bowl of pumpkin and turned on the weather channel to see what we have in store. Evidently this is not even the worst of it. They are now evacuating people in Alexandria due to flooding!

Nevertheless, I am going to go out and brave the weather to get some groceries. It's either that or sit here at home doing nothing!

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Lindsey said...

MICHELLE! OH MY...I am so excited for you! What a huge leap of faith. WOW....maybe I'll do some celebrating for you guys tonight (at least maybe have one little sip of wine for ya'll!)