Wednesday, November 26, 2008

oh... hi - we moved!

Hi. We moved. Forgot to mention that! I have pics of the new place! But we don't have internet access at the new place until December 6!!! Can you believe that shit?! Plus I can't access gmail at work anymore BOO. I can blog at work, but I can't access gmail.... and I can't upload pics. I might be out of pocket until then, it will be hard for me to blog!

Sunday was moving day. It was long and tiring to move yet again. But we are not going anywhere for some time now. I hope! We are both tired and looking forward to the long weekend. I have loads more to say, but I need to start cleaning the studio so we are not over here all night!!

BTW, my friend Jen had her thyroidectomy yesterday and came thru with flying colors... which would be November 24... MY surgery was November 24, 2006. How weird is THAT.

Peace out y'all.

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