Friday, November 21, 2008

Wedding at Turtle Bay!!

Well, it's settled! We're getting married Thursday February 19, 2009 at St. Anthony's Church in Kailua with the reception at Turtle Bay Resort in the Sunset Room! I feel like a major hurdle has been crossed, but really this is just the beginning. EEK!

The Sunset Room at Turtle Bay Resort
Next on the list....
1. Invitations
2. Figure out colors / order flowers for church, reception, bouquets, leis / other decor (table runners?)
3. Figure out what the men will wear (formal? semi-? casual?)
4. Lose 5 lbs
4. Find a dress
5. Lose 10 more lbs - heh
6. Schedule photographer
7. Cake
8. DJ
9. Transportation (limo?? ....)
10. Honeymoon!


Abby said...

Looks beautiful! By the way, I've just given you the Super Scribler award on my site. Check it out!


Wow, pretty amazing view!-nick