Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rain, Hickam, Marine Corps Gym

It was completely gray and overcast all morning! But I had another rainbow on account of it. It has been like that most of the time since we got here. I hope the weather clears up before my parents get here for vacation next week! Around lunch time the sky started to clear and it was doing that weird island-rain thing where it's sunny with some white puffy clouds in the sky and yet it's raining - seemingly out of nowhere. Now the sky is blue again.

We had our tour of the Marriott at Ko Olina yesterday. It was pretty nice. I wanted the lagoon lawn for the reception - RIGHT on the ocean, next to the hotel's privae lagoon - but it is $30,000 minimum food and beverage cost!!!!! Egads! The other room was more reasonable and not completely out of our price range, but still pretty expensive. The coordinator was telling us all the costs of food/buffet/hors d'oeuvres/alcohol, but I didn't hear her talking, I just heard "cha-ching, cha-ching, CHA-CHING!" Like the teacher in Charlie Brown - wahwahwahwah.

So... I think we are going to do the reception at Hickam AFB in their garden/gazebo area. I mean, it's a military officer's club, not the Hilton, but hey, it's affordable! And it's right on the water, although not quite the wide open ocean, it's a canal or inlet. Our main priority is to not spend an arm and a leg on the reception!

Also, apparently the church is already booked on Feb 21. The priest was looking at a different calendar and didn't realize it was not available. SO! Looks like it will be on Friday then! I feel all this stress and pressure with having the wedding so fast, but I think once we figure out the details in the end it will be better and we will be glad it is done. The next time we will be able to do the wedding would be like Thanksgiving or Christmas next year! Neither of us wants to wait that long. We're already living together. We need to be married.

I'm about to get out of here and go to the Marine Corps Base gym. I was the ONLY chick in the weight room yesterday, it was packed FULL of marines. Oh yeah, that is too much testosterone. And it's not like Gold's or another commercial gym where there are all kinds of guys working out - from the really out of shape to the super bodybuilders. No. All the guys in there are pretty much fit and muscular - geez it's like it's their job or something. (Har har... it IS their job, in fact, their lives pretty much depend on being fit.) I'm used to being one of the fittest people in the weight room at my gym in Arlington. Here I'm pretty low on the fit totem pole, although there are a few Olds who are less fit than I am haha.


Chad and Shantay said...

Glad to see you are safe and sound in Hawaii! Wow planning for the wedding and exercising. I am sure your stress level is a little high.

FYI. Weddings on Fridays are less expensive as Saturdays. (according to the research)

Erin said...

Yippee!!! Wedding planning! I wish I could help. Hang in there, it WILL eventually all come together and be a fantastic, beautiful day whether it's at a Marriott or an AFB.