Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wouldn'tcha Know...

Talk about shit luck today!!


The Bane of My Day

The screw that lodged itself in my right rear tire! This caused me to have a flat while I was over at Hickam AFB on my lunch break talking to the wedding coordinator! I came out to the car and the tire was flat. I called Adam and he's like, I guess you're gonna change a tire! And I was like, I know you're not addressing me. Oh hell no. I am in a skirt and I have never done this before.

After a feeble attempt on my part, which involved me pulling the pathetic excuse for a jack out of the trunk and screwing it open several inches while crouched over in the hot sun in said skirt, I could not figure out where to put the jack under the car, became extremely disgruntled and gave up. Let's call a spade a spade, right, who would expect ME to change a tire??? Apparently Adam, because when I got home he told me I needed to learn how. To which I told him he was being mean. I'm a princess. That's it. I'm not tryin' to be changing tires on the side of the road. Anyway, lucky for me Adam was in front of his computer to google a number and also lucky I was on base cause I just called up the auto hobby shop and asked if one of their mechanics wanted to rescue a damsel in distress. Fifteen minutes later, Tom rolled up in his super car-ambulance thingie and patched my tire on the spot.

And oh by the way I got to the gym and realized I had neither socks nor an elastic for my hair. AND the "check engine" light came on in my car. AND I found out the set up at Hickam includes some ghetto-ass looking chairs that amount to glorified lawn chairs. AND THEN Adam and I had a tense "discussion" about wedding stuff.... he is online right now geeking out over diagnostic equipment for the aforementioned dashboard light - apparently he "needs" one of these toys to figure out what is wrong with my car.


Need to have my wedding reception ON THE BEACH.

So, you want to hear more about the wedding??! Oh good! That's exactly what I want to talk about! See, I don't know about Hickam, y'all. I mean, it's nice and affordable, but THIS is where I want to have my wedding reception:

The Pavilion at Turtle Bay Resort

Oh yes. It is perfect. Sheltered but outdoors, and RIGHT on the ocean, and the sun will be setting just over there to the left. Perfect. Also? Pricey. But did I mention perfect?! le sigh.

In other news, the temperature dropped yesterday evening and I got cold enough to need a blanket! But since this is Hawaii, the only blanket available is our bed comforter. I was minding my own business all wrapped up nice and snuggy when Adam snapped this:


He thought I looked like an eskimo. I think I look like a worm. It's all good though. The sun came out again today and it was sunny in the 80's. Here's the lovely sunrise on my drive to work this morning:

Pretty island sunrise

Y'all have a great Thursday - almost the weekend!!


Lindsey said...

What a stinkin day!

I think you guys should go for the Turtle Bay Resort...its BEAUTIFUL and you only get married once. But I am sure no matter what you guys choose, it'll always be a fairy tale in your mind...

You took Neil about 2 months of "discussing" wedding stuff until he relinquished his rights and determined that our wedding was his first opportunity to really make me happy as his wife to be:-) HA HA!

Katie said...

I DIE. Turtle Bay is so gorgeous!

Chad and Shantay said...

OH wow... what a day. Flat tire, heated discussions, ghetto-lawn chairs, hair in face-no socks workout. lol

I am sure you will figure out the perfect place for the price that you can sqeeze out of your budget!

Sounds like you need a blanket or two for those occassional chilly days.