Sunday, November 02, 2008

We bought a car!!


My hair is a total fro-ball.


It's pleasant and sunny here most of the time, and also humid. My skin is dewy, but my hair is a disaster. I know, you all feel so sorry for me right now, huh?! On to the real news!

Here is my new (to me) car! It's a 2001 Honda Civic. We got it yesterday and Adam just left to go get the safety inspection done. It's not quite driving his BMW, but it'll do to get me to the other side of the island for work. We drove all over the island looking at cars yesterday, all the way up to the North Shore and down to Honolulu where we finally found this one. We knew it was The One pretty much right away - we were going to look at another car after we saw the Civic, but as we were en route, the owner called and said he just sold it. At that point we were decided. Here it is!

It's cute, huh? Forget the car, though, check out the pretty picture of the Ko'olau mountains in the background! Yeah. That's our driveway.

Here's the grass hut we are currently living in. It's kinda ghetto-Hawaii, but it'll do! It's only a few blocks from Kailua beach (rated the #1 beach in the U.S.). We live in the detached studio behind the carport and another couple lives in the proper house on the right.

Oh yeah, and here's my Hawaiian pedicure so y'all can see how cute it is with the little island flower :) It looks pretty blurry but it's cute I promise.

Ok, so here is the studio where we live - this is walking in the sliding glass door on the side, looking towards the "front" door. We don't have air conditioning so the windows stay open and the fans stay on. We get pretty good cross breezes, so it stays cool enough, except for the late afternoon when the heat has been building up. And sometimes at night if I get too hot and wake up sweating. However, the sleep is FANTASTIC with all the fresh air and quiet. It's like camping - I guess my brain is getting so much oxygen from all the fresh air or something. I am sleeping better than I have ALL YEAR. And those of you who read regularly know I complain about my insomnia every so often. Since I got here I've been sleeping deeply and having really vivid dreams! Last night I dreamed we bought this huge house.......

Anyway, here is a shot looking back from the front door - our messy little kitchenette. We don't have enough space to put everything away so there is an explosion of stuff everywhere....
.... case in point, the closet. And my four rather large suitcases. As you can see though, the closet is already full of Adam's stuff! GAH! We need to find a place to live! All this clutter is driving me crazy.

And the bathroom. I busted out laughing when I saw Adam standing there like this! Hehe, he will probably not want me to post this on the internets....

So, here is Kailua beach the other night. It's sunny and blue skies right now for the first time in days! We've been having really overcast and rainy weather ever since we got here on Tuesday. And also "vog" which apparently is a mix of volcanic ash/smoke and fog. Beach is still pretty!

Ew! I guess cause of all the rain or something, there were a literal TON of man o' war jellyfish ALL up and down the beach! Like every couple feet there was another one! Their sting is supposedly really painful.

They have big clear bodies and these creepy long blue tails where the stingers are.

Kiteboarders. Kailua beach is one of the best places to kiteboard, I've heard... they are moving so fast you can't even see them! They get airborne too - how crazy would that be - I would not like it I don't think!

Back to the man o' wars, this one was a monster! Ewwww!!!

I'm headed out to the beach for a walk now while Adam is busy with the inspection. We are going to try more house hunting today now that we found a car.

I'm using the Law of Attraction and the Power of Intention to manifest our dream home. Apparently it works better/faster if you write it down and bring your intention into the physical world...

I would like to thank the Universe for providing us:

A large-ish three bedroom, two full bath single family home
With a carport and a yard
With views of the Ko'olaus or the ocean
Newly renovated
Hardwood or tile floors
New appliances and bathroom fixtures
Walk-in closets
Close to Marine Corps Base Hawaii and easy access to the H3
Rent $2500 or less

It's a lot to ask, Universe, but hey, you manifested a job in Hawaii and now I'm sitting here in Kailua, so now give me my dream home!!



Morkai said...

oooh, I love those wood floors.

And double ooh at the view and beaches. And yeah, don't mess with the jellyfish. Man-o-War's are the seriously nasty ones. One reason I won't swim in the sea, I have a serious jellyfish phobia.

Grats on the new wheels, I'm still driving my 2001 second hand dodge neon that we got when I first moved to the USA. Broke, no credit, no job took what I could get. Now we are good but it's paid off and I am loathe to start a new car note. I really really want a new Toyota Yaris though. They are so cute, and I would kill to have electric windows and locks. The little things in life ya know? :)

Looks like your living the dream there girl, good luck to you :)

Lindsey said...

WOW...its hard to believe that you are looking at TOTALLY different scenery! Its beautiful...your quality of life just went through the roof, I'm sure.

Good luck with the house hunting..hopefully it'll be just as easy as finding a car.

Chris said...

Update? Whatcha doin'?