Monday, February 01, 2010

27 weeks ZOMG THIRD TRIMESTER Whaaaa...??!

Well, we are now officially in the third trimester! I know! When did THAT happen? I mean, for as much as it's felt like time is just dragging on during this pregnancy I cannot believe I'm already in the homestretch. Well... 13 more weeks is a looooong homestretch, but the last trimester at any rate. Baby grows, as you can clearly see. We are headed to our birth class so you know I will have more to say tomorrow.


Lindsey Broere said...

Youzers! It has gone by SO fast! I am so excited for you guys...Hey...are ya'll telling the name and stuff or is it all a surprise?

Looking forward to hearing how your class goes :-) Maybe they'll get into labor stuff and not so much nutrition?

Nina said...

Yay for the Elf Princess! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is as smooth as the 1st 2/3!

Shantay said...

Hey girl. Looks like you go from TT to baby bump. *smiles* I am 3 months post-op from having the twins and have lost almost all the weight I gained. You look great, btw!