Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii Tsunami?

Adam and I woke early this morning to near simultaneous phone calls and text messages from our families on the mainland warning us about the earthquake that happened in Chile and the resulting tsunami warnings. We got up and started searching the internet and watching the local news to find out if we need to evacuate to higher ground. Apparently we are not in an evacuation zone in our house. Even though we are right across the street from Kaneohe Bay and the water, it seems the bay will not be affected by any large waves. So we are basically hunkered down right now watching the news and waiting to see what will happen. They are expecting the first wave to hit the big island at 11:00 and then for Oahu to see the repercussions around 11:30. They've been sounding the tsunami warning alarms every hour on the hour since 6:00 this morning, and evacuating people in coastal and low lying areas. But they are telling everyone else to stay in their homes and off the roads if you're not in an evacuation zone. Of course the gas stations and grocery stores have been inundated with people freaking out and trying to get last minute supplies. The officials are saying they don't think the water levels will rise more than 4 feet above normal. Adam just told me that the base gym is open and is actually an evacuation center, so we might head over there soon to work out and wait to see whether everything is going to be washed away.

Update: It's quarter after 11 right now, 10 minutes since the first estimated impact time, and so far nothing has happened. We're just watching on the news the cameras watching Hilo on the big island, which will be the first part of Hawaii to feel the effects of any waves.

Update: They are saying we are now experiencing the tsunami, but it's not very big. The waves are only about a meter higher than normal and then they recede about a meter lower than normal and this happens every 20 minutes or so. They are saying it *could* get worse, but my guess is this is about as bad as it's going to get.

Update: Alright. Well, it's 1:40 and so far we are just seeing the tide rise and fall every 20 minutes or so, but no dramatic water levels. I think we will all survive over here! We're going to the gym.

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