Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fat, small, baby, freak-out.

The other day I was walking down the hall in my office building and the tiny 80 lb Asian woman who cleans our floor saw me and did a double take. She speaks in broken English and it's sometimes hard to understand everything she says. But when she saw me, her eyes bugged out and she made a basketball shape in front of her tummy and said, "You hab babeh?!" [Keep in mind she sees me every day.] And I said, yeah, I'm pregnant. And she said, "How long?" And I said 6 months... baby is due in April. And she said, "Oh, befoh, I tot you jus git fat!" HahahahahaHAAAAA.

Yesterday I took advantage of my day alone to go get my hair cut and my toes did. Both the hairstylist and the nail technician made a comment about my belly being "small". When I told the nail tech I was 6 months along, she said, "Oh for real? How come you're so tiny?!" I was like, uhhh.... I don't know? I don't feel tiny! I guess it's better than everyone making comments about how enormous I am. I really wouldn't like it if everyone was like, Are you sure you're going to make it to your due date? Sure it's just one baby in there? Etc.

My cousin - the one who was in my wedding - is also pregnant. She was due in mid-March, but my mom texted me this morning and said she is in labor now! At 35 weeks. And they live in DC so they got snowed in yesterday! Apparently they had to have 5 firemen come and dig their car out of snow so they could drive to the hospital! Egads! Luckily I won't have to worry about THAT problem (the snow, I mean). However, I do worry that this baby will come early cause, y'all, WE ARE SUPPOSED TO MOVE 4 WEEKS BEFORE MY DUE DATE. Good lord. We are insane. Certifiable. I have a feeling the Little Princess will stay stuck until it's time for her to come, but now I have a new thing to worry about!

Adam is already telling people the name we picked out for the Little Princess, and even calling her by it so I guess maybe I will think about announcing it before she is born. Maybe. I might save it till she's really here. He told me he can't wait to meet her and I said, she is going to love you! And I told him he is going to forget all about me once she is born :) He said no way, he will have two princesses, but I will still be the number 1 princess hehe. He's cute.

I am going to get 5 pizzas from Costco and bring them to A and his buddies at work today for the Superbowl, isn't that nice of me? I don't mind doing it because I will get to come in and get a tour of his workplace and meet all his new friends.

Only 12 more weeks to go!

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Lindsey Broere said...

Awh...I'm dying to know her name...pllleaasseee!

Tell Adam that there is nothing like the way a little girl turns her daddy into the most vulnerable man on earth...Neil swears Layla and Adalei have turned him to mush and I LOVE IT!!