Thursday, February 04, 2010

If you talk to me in real life, you may as well skip this one because I have already complained or rejoiced to you ad nauseum on these topics

Work is drowning me lately, and I say that only to explain the dearth of posting around here. It really cuts into my lunchtime blogging when I don't even GET a lunchtime. And normally the last thing I want to do when I get home from staring at my computer all day is turn on the computer, but I have so many things to tell you!

For example, I locked myself in a stairwell at the hospital today! Don't worry, I found a way out (obvs). Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

First my big, BIG news: we got offered a base house! YEEHAW! Our move-in date is April 6 and I am very, very excited. We had a hot spell here and I was dreading spending 5 more months living here without air conditioning, especially as I get bigger, and once the Little Elf is here and I'm up in the middle of the night nursing a tiny radiator... The last couple days it has been downright chilly in the night, and I've slept so well, I've been pining for air conditioning. And our prayers were answered because we got a house, and we'll get to move before the babe comes.

Here is the floorplan, click to embiggen.

Adam went and drove by the house today, just to check it out. We can't go inside until the beginning of April because the current residents don't vacate till April 1. But here it is:

A garage! We will have a garage! And a yard! And... AIR CONDITIONING!!! That place is going to be an ice box inside I can't wait.

Back to my adventures at the hospital. I went to get my pregnancy blood glucose screening done today. I was running late (due to WORK), so I was running up the gigantic hill from work to the parking lot, then up another big hill from the hospital parking lot to the hospital. I got to the 4th floor where the lab normally is, but they had moved it! So I ran off again to find the new location, and instead of waiting on the elevator, I thought I'd be motivated and walk down the stairs instead. But when I got to the 2nd floor, it turned out to be the stairwell to nowhere. And then when I tried to get back in the door, it was locked! I followed a long hallway around the corner and found another set of stairs that spit me out into this little grassy area and then I had to walk back around to the entrance to the building. But, I finally made it up to the lab and got to do the test. They gave me an orange soda that tasted like Fanta that I had to drink in 5 minutes, then I had to come back an hour later for a blood draw. It was no big deal. I hope I pass!

Bradley class week 4 was about the Coach's role (meaning your husband). Of course, my coach is great. He could be a bit better about reminding me to do my exercises, but he does go to the grocery store with me every weekend, and he grills me a bunch of meat on Sundays, and he rubs my feet and my shoulders every day. I'm lucky to have him! Well, except for the part where he mouthbreathes like Darth Vader all night and then his alarm goes off at 3:45 am wtf. And yet, somehow I love him anyway.

Pregnancy is cruising along. I'm lucky it has been mostly uneventful. Of course, I still have plenty of things to complain about though. I'm uncomfortable. My back hurts and it keeps me awake at night. It's getting really hard to shave my legs and I can't even see most of my bikini line anymore so I have to shave that by feel. My bellybutton is about to pop out. I'm no longer swelling like a heffalump, but my hands, feet and face are puffy. I'm puffy enough that my rings no longer fit. Adam is working this weekend and I will be all alooooonee. It's hot. Um.... I'm sure there are more things, but my brain is running out of steam.

The Little Elf is kicking a lot and getting the hiccups almost every morning! It's very cute. We are pretty much settled on a name for her, but I don't want to announce it until we are 100% sure!

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Barbara said...

WOW That place looks great---you will have a place for me to stay when I come help you with the baby LOL
wish I could come be a nanny for you--I would love it. Do not fret--your mom is an experienced mover and will be there to help you all I am sure,