Wednesday, April 14, 2010

37 weeks, New home!

I feel so out of the loop! I haven't been on the computer to look at blogs or my personal email in over a week! I've been going crazy trying to get all the boxes unpacked and everything settled. Y'all, my feet are really sad... they are so swollen. A few days last week being on my feet on the hard floors in the kitchen all day unpacking, I thought my feet might actually explode. It's pretty horrifying. And my hands are also so swollen that it hurts to make a fist first thing in the morning.

But our new house! Ahhhhh... I love it so much. I really, really do. We are close to being unpacked now, and even have the nursery mostly set up. I can't wait to post pictures because it's so cute. We found these wall sticker things and put some of them up and it's so bright and pretty in there. And it's AIR CONDITIONED! And only a few miles from work for both of us.

Mom is here right now and has been such a huge help with unpacking and organizing and running errands. I think she might leave this weekend, although I was asking what if you leave and I go into labor next week?! I'm full term now and pretty much ready for this baby to be on the outside. I'm in full-on waddle mode, and what with the swelling extremities now I'm pretty much over it. I still feel really good though overall, and I'm still working out in the gym even though I get lots of funny looks. I was moving boxes and furniture around the house and I thought my mom was going to have a conniption, but I'm like, what do you think I do in the gym?! :) Hey, at this point I almost don't care if I go into labor "early".


Lindsey Broere said...

I love that first picture...they looks on you guys' faces are so sweet!

Girl, you are almost there! That last stretch feels like such an eternity...but when it ends, you're going to have the best little reward EVER!

Chris said...

Hi, Mrs. New! Sorry again about the whole permanent marker incident (not actually me), the Russ' car crashing on the way to visit Michelle and Katie incident (again, not me), and pretending to crash your husband's BMW (that one was me).

Erin's due in 3 days!

Michelle said...

Haha, I will pass on the message :)
Yay, can't wait to see your little one!

Chris said...

After 17 hours of labor (including over three hours of pushing), Kayla Cameron Duck was born at 4:05pm April 15th.

Michelle said...

AWWWW! So precious! Congrats you two!