Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I'm up to these days

Mainly I've been obsessively reading birth stories on the internet (hello Babycenter forums) and focusing on how many people give birth before or after their due dates. It's nearly impossible to tell because it seems like about 70% of the ladies announcing their births were induced early for one reason or another, or had scheduled c-sections. It seems like the majority of them give birth around 39 weeks, but like I said, artificial inductions ahoy.

I've been having quite a few contractions, but nothing painful, and certainly nothing labor-like. I realize you can have contractions for *WEEKS* before the actual birth, and I am mentally tormenting myself with thoughts of going two weeks past my due date. Nay, two weeks past what my due date would be if I actually DID conceive on day 24 of my cycle instead of day 14. Surely this will not happen to me, internets? Seriously, do you think? That would mean I would not give birth until... May ... 24! Holy shiz, it cannot be so. Let it not be so. Mom tells me she went two weeks past her due date.

According to our Bradley class and the interwebz, the average length of a pregnancy is actually 41 weeks and 1 day from last menstrual period. [Even though very few women actually have 28 day cycles and ovulation is unpredictable.] However, the interwebz are very clear on the fact that there is a big ol' bell curve and a pretty wide window of "normal" gestation length. Normal, full term babies can be born at 36 or 37 weeks, or at 42-43 weeks. The latter is really uncommon, mainly because most docs will induce before then. The point being that even if you KNOW for sure when you conceived and can therefore estimate your due date accurately, your particular body/baby could be several weeks faster or slower at gestation than that.

Basically I wish I was in labor right now, and just about every other thought in my head is wondering when it will happen and what if it doesn't happen EVER AND I STAY PREGNANT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Totally normal stuff here.

I'm also still working, even though everyone is like, "you're still working?!" Well, yes, what else would I be doing? To be honest, I really wish I could stop working, but I do want the majority of my maternity leave to be after the baby is born and the idea that I might stay pregnant for several more weeks keeps me at my desk. I am tired and unmotivated and my brain is squishy and won't concentrate on much other than BABY, BIRTH, BABY, BIRTH, BABY. I suppose I would be doing the same thing at home, but at least I wouldn't be stuck in this chair all day going bleary eyed, staring at the computer and having to drag my exhausted butt out of bed at 6 am. WOE!

What I haven't been doing very well is keeping up with my workouts. During the move I basically did not go to the gym or do any formal exercise. I think I was getting enough anyway. But since then, I just haven't had the motivation or energy for it. I think I did 3 days last week and I've done 2 so far this week. Maybe I will drag myself over there after I post this... My inclination is to lay around on the couch and maybe that is what my body needs to be doing, even though I keep hearing about this walking thing and how it's supposed to hasten labor. You know what is almost the hardest part about it? Chainging my clothes. Getting into and out of pants is awkward and uncomfortable!

So. That's the news. I wish it was more exciting and included pics of a squishy pink newborn, but alas, I shall continue waddling ponderously through these last days of pregnancy (please let it be days and not weeks!).

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Amanda @ My Everyday said...

I'm so ready to not be waddling!! I've been at 0 station for a few weeks now and its PAINFUL!

You are doing so much better than me, I haven't bothered working out at all this pregnancy, darn boys keep me too tired! :) Hope we're holding babies soon!