Tuesday, April 20, 2010

38 weeks of pregnant glory + nursery!

Still here y'all. Still large in circumference. 38 weeks!

The house is definitely ready to accept a baby. I know I don't NEED any of this stuff, but it sure was fun to set up the nursery, and I think Mom had a good time too. Check out that adorable wall sticker we found! It's so cute!

This child already has more clothes than ME, thanks to her Yaya! Baby girl clothes are irresistible.
View of the nursery from the door.

And the other side of the room where we stashed our second guest bed, and where the Bear Family lives. Yes, I already had all of those teddy bears, none were bought specifically for the Little Elf, although she is now inheriting them! The largest in the middle was my mom's teddy bear when she was little!

Come baby Seiler, we're ready for you!


Nina said...

Beautiful! You guys did such a good job! (We call my mom Yaya too!)

Lindsey Broere said...

Awh...I love it. She is going to be so happy in that sweet little room.

Dude...you are totally rounding the corner and heading for home!

The Wino said...

Awwww...it is so cute!! You guys did a great job! Can't wait to come visit you and baby Avery!