Sunday, April 18, 2010

Congrats to my buddy Chris!

One of my oldest friends in the world just had his baby a few days ago! Yeah! Congrats you guys! Mom would also like to send her sincere congratulations to you and also tell you that she doesn't remember any of those shenanigans at all (ed. lie!) - only what a nice young man you were (ed. LIE!). No really. In all truth, we actually don't remember all of those things, although there was a particular incident when I was tied to a tree that sticks prominently in my mind. Also the scrunchie stealing. What was with the scrunchie stealing?? Oh, and the breaking in to our house and stealing our phone. And mom does remember the marker incident. She would like you to remember that karma is a boomerang. Thank goodness you outgrew that.

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Nina said...

Good luck!!! Ayla was born at exactly 38 weeks, so it could be SOON!! I am enjoying the suspense from afar...