Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 2 off meds

Day two off my meds. I felt good all day yesterday. I ran yesterday morning. It was sad because I felt like it might be the last time I can run for the next few weeks, but we will just wait and see. I'm determined to continue to try to exercise as much as I can tolerate while hypothyroid, even if it's just walking around the block. Yesterday I made Adam promise me he would FORCE me to get some exercise every day and he assured me that he would throw me over his shoulder if that was necessary!! :) I also told him that I apologize in advance for my behavior over the next couple of weeks! -- if I say anything mean or snarky, or if I'm (more) cranky and intolerable (than usual), it has nothing to do with him and should be blamed on my hypothyroid condition!! The run was hard. I didn't feel poorly, but I definitely don't feel as great as I'm used to feeling while doing it!! But I completed about 4 slow miles. I'm going to try to get in the weight room today.

My heart rate monitor tells me that my fitness level (based on my resting heart rate, I guess?) is "Elite". It tells me my number is 56... that number is not even on the chart for women, which only goes up to 40 (anything over 40 is "elite"). Hm. I'm skeptical though and I think either their chart is foo-foo or the HRM is. The book that comes with the HRM also tells me some gobledegook about how walking for 40 minutes burns an equal number of calories and MORE fat than running for 30 minutes. Being the maker of HRMs, shouldn't they be aware that high-intensity exercise is superior for fat loss than low intensity aerobics?! According to this source and plenty of research, "HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been shown to burn adipose tissue more effectively than low-intensity exercise—up to 50% more efficiently!" Anyway, the HRM still beeps incessantly when I get my HR over 170, which is darn near impossible for me to avoid since I started taking the cytomel. I guess I will have to just turn off the sound - anyone out there have a Polar and know how to tell it not to beep without muting it?

As for the LID, I think I messed up yesterday because I ate some pre-packaged chicken that it turns out has a small amount of sodium in it. Any meats eaten on the LID have to be "fresh" meaning from the butcher, since prepackaged meats are often injected with sodium or soaked in broth and there's no telling if that contains iodine. I had just assumed that pre-packaged meats that say "100% natural, minimally processed, no preservatives" are safe for LID, but upon close examination, ALL of them at the grocery store contain sodium, sometimes as much as 30% of the USRDA!!!! Holy cow. The butcher at the grocery store we went to didn't have fresh chicken, only beef and pork, soooo... we drove all the way out to Fairfax to go to Wegman's to get REAL fresh chicken from their butcher, which cost an arm and a leg, but I guess I don't have much of a choice. Wegman's is awesome, by the way! It's like a giant Whole Foods - tons of organic and bulk foods, grains, etc.

We also went to Costco, which is where I normally buy fruits and veggies in bulk, and stocked up. I bought a bunch of eggs and hard boiled a pile of them yesterday. I may have cooked them too long... I had some (whites only) for breakfast this morning and it took forEVER to peel them - the shells did NOT want to come off... I can see how that's going to go as I get more hypo. I'm going to cook some more meat today and steam some veggies so I have some meals ready to go.

So far so good......


maxie's pad said...

Congratulations on your beginning LID journey. Everyone messes up in the beginning. It takes time to get used to the idea of having to check everything and have a focus on this. So, many of us go on it for two weeks, when in fact, they say that a very conscientious one week on LID is enough to do the trick. But we do extra, for precisely this reason. We are all going to inadvertently mess up in the beginning. And it does take at least a week, to get the hang of it. Although it seems easy, it does require vigilance about every single thing that enters our mouths. You go girl ! Get some of those online recipes. And that new LID cookbook is really helpful !
love ya,
cheerleading you behind cyber space,
maxine in miami

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