Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Exorcist Staircase

For the record, I do NOT like scary movies. The Ring freaked me out for weeks, and I watched most of that movie with my eyes closed (no kidding, I am a wus, I know). Seriously, all those evil vibes and disturbing visual scenes get in your mind and I don't want my head polluted with all that creepy stuff. No. In my world, I wake up and throw open the windows and the sun is shining down on the daffodils and every day a little bluebird is singing on my windowsill!! Haha...

Maybe it's because I grew up Catholic, but the Exorcist is the scariest movie of them all, in my opinion. I was a freshman in college the first time I saw it (my parents would never let me watch it when I was younger), and I actually made TWO of my girlfriends stay with me that night because I was so creeped out. We Catholics take evil business seriously. Heh.

When Adam and I went to church last weekend in Georgetown, we visited the Exorcist Staircase. You know, the one where Father Karras from the movie falls to his death?? Creepy! There were a few people running stairs when we were there -- a great idea if you can get over the haunting thought that you might "fall" down too...

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