Friday, December 22, 2006

I made it!! I made it!!

I'm just so proud of myself for conquering The Hill that I had to sit down and tell the internet that I Made It!! I really can't believe I ran up the huge hill by the Mormon Temple, but I did. I ran 4 whole hilly miles! Yippee. And my mom is such a champ, she ran it with me. :) Gmaps tells me that this is the elevation we ran -->

And that's only the outward part!!

You can see Sunrise Mountain in the back. I think this temple is visible from space...

I'm off for a pedicure! Oh heavenly vacation. How I love thee...!

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maxie's pad said...

Sooooooo happy to read your blog !!! You go girl !! Your attitude about your accomplishments physically will totally and completely transfer to everything you do, including your thyca recovery. Continued thanks for letting me read your blog !
maxine in miami
40 yr survivor of thyca and going strong !!!!