Thursday, July 10, 2008

Diet Update

I have less than 2 weeks left in the Turbulance Training contest! Holy cow! Has it really been 10 weeks already, people?! There is no way I am going to look the way I want to in that timeframe. I'm going to keep dieting for another 4 weeks after the contest and then I plan to end the diet whether I am happy with the way my clothes fit or not. 16 weeks at a caloric deficit is quite enough thankyouverymuch. After that I need to focus on something else, like maintenance and doing lots of pull ups and running really much faster than I do currently.

I'm no longer that interested in running really far, now that I've seen how i can get great results without doing that! Running long distances really tears you down and in my experience doesn't really get you anywhere except burned out when you're trying to diet. The nice thing about endurance training is that you can eat a ton of food and not put on weight. It's something to do for fun, but definitely not a necessity or even the best route to fat loss in my book.

I've been without fruit/sugar for a week now. Yesterday I was sitting down in the basement by the State Dept. candy shop drooling over jelly beans and gummy sour candy. I definitely miss my fruit, at a minimum. I admit grudgingly that I do feel better without it though. It's not like I can give up fruit for the rest of my life, that is simply out of the question. I hope once I finally get these supplements in the mail that the yeast detox rids me of the problem once and for all.

I noticed the same thing last year when I did a low-carb diet. My GI issues all disappeared. I don't think it's the carbs, per se, but the fruit and sugar.


I am being *such* a loser lately about getting up for my workouts in the morning.

Seriously, y'all, I'm annoying MYSELF!! I keep oversleeping my alarm. This morning I did an abbreviated bike sprint session instead of the one prescribed in my workout. I ended up being late for work anyway because they offloaded the train I was on due to a mechanical problem (grrrr).

Adam gets here on SATURDAY I am soooo excited! And I get a week off work! We're going to do all sorts of fun stuff!

Adam sent me the pic below from when he and Garret went to BayFest last weekend over the 4th holiday.

Perhaps you'll agree with me that it looks like he might actually be wearing JEAN SHORTS. After all, he IS wearing a CURE t-shirt.

My response: cute!
you're not wearing JEAN SHORTS are you?

A: no, baby ... those are full-length jeans. but if i was wearing JORTS, they'd become all the rage again.

hahaha! He also sent me this little nugget below. God. What am I 12?

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness he's not wearing jorts. It would be time for an intervention!