Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ode to Target

Oh Target, how do you manage to spellbind me into spending $100 every time I walk through your doors? I don't even like your tawdry, cheap clothes and I certainly don't need any more home goods. Yet somehow I am mesmerized when I walk through your aisles. Lip gloss and moisturizer I didn't know I needed - cleaning products, storage containers, pens and notebooks, and always, always new workout clothes. Today it is pants. Though you never, ever have size Medium for some reason. Ever. Usually I dig and dig and finally find a Medium hanging on an XL hanger.

I did get a piece of poster board to start my vision board, and some glue sticks. I've been ripping pics out of magazines already. A vision board (you probably already know) is where you paste images of your goals, your "vision", on a board and put it where you can see it all the time. The visual images are very stimulating and help you to realize your dreams. I'm all about that! What's going on mine? Hawaii, fit girls with nice abs, Adam, inspiring words ... I'll post a pic when it's finished!

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Kismet said...

Hey you have encouraged me to start mine! I have been meaning to make one for quite sometime now~ We can share results when we are done! :)