Saturday, August 30, 2008

Didn't I tell you???

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted last! I swear I feel like I was here writing blog posts a couple of times at least since last Sunday! Like that day when I got to the metro at Foggy Bottom and had to stand in a line that went about half a block down the street JUST TO GET ON THE ESCALATOR. I was hopping mad. They only had ONE escalator open where people had to go both up and down. At RUSH HOUR! There seemed to be nothing wrong with the other one, save for the fact they blocked it off. But people could still have gone up and down it. Oh. Yeah. That happened TWICE last week. Thought I wrote about that one cause I was writing the blog post in my head as I was standing there in line for 20 minutes. It went something like this: fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck FUCK! Prolly why I didn't actually log on to write it down - looks kind of uninspired now that I've typed it out.

And I thought I told you guys about having to be the Duty Officer at work?! Carrying around everywhere a 12 lb binder of phone numbers and procedures and a 3 lb cell phone that didn't ring once the whole time I had it, except when 1984 called to say they wanted their cell phone back. I even carried that damn thing in the grocery store with me because god forbid the Russians start invading the free world again or something.... oh, wait, that actually happened, but nobody called me about it while I was on duty thankfully.

And the dentist?! Didn't I tell you about THAT even?? About how much I hate the facking water pick thingie they use because it SPRAYS WATER ALL OVER YOUR FACE AND NECK AND IN YOUR EYES. I kept stopping her because I had water gushing out of my mouth and down my neck and after about ten minutes of it, I had about 5,000 paper towels stuffed around my head and she even got out this plastic bib thing that they probably put on the little kids and finally - thank god - she gave up. About halfway through my bottom teeth she reverted to the metal scraper which I much prefer. The water thing about sends me through the roof my teeth are so sensitive. Oh, and I need to reduce the stress in my life too apparently, because I grind my teeth HARD.

Oh, also my hair!! My hair I cut it all off! It's about at my shoulders now and I LOVE it. I should have done this years ago. Really it looks so much better, it was looking like a 12 year old with a ponytail every day. Talk to me again tomorrow after I have to style it myself though. So, when I got to the salon, I was waiting and finally this cute woman comes over and leads me through the salon into this room where there's a table covered in paper and she's like, "what are we doing today, just bikini?" I'm like, you must be confused, I'm here for a HAIRCUT. lol. Like a bad dream. Show up for a haircut and instead you get the hair yanked out of your delicate bits. Which I admit intrigues me, getting a brazilian, but I'm too chicken to ever try. My skin is so sensitive, I can't understand how people don't get razor rash all over their hoo-hoo's?! Especially in sweaty gym clothes, riding the bike for example?! And what about when it grows back in - DOESN'T THAT HURT? The thought of it is too horrifying to even imagine.....

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Anonymous said...

What a day!!

The Brazillian intrigues me too--but my thought is that I'll just use a razor until I have enough disposable income to pay an extra $70 on top of the amount I already spend on the hair you see to do it.

I actually have heard that after the first couple times, it's fine for sensitive skin--just have to use a post-wax application of something and it grows back sparser. They remove ingrown hairs with a tweezers too--waxing is better than shaving to avoid those--and they cause more of the itchy bumpiness.

But that's hilarious. LOL. I've thought about cutting my hair too--ponytails everyday. But I hate hair in my face, so I'll have to live with chignons and pinned up hair instead. Boo.

Yours looks fab!