Friday, August 22, 2008

Jobs and Workouts

No news yet on the Hawaii front. I'm still waiting on a formal job offer, but I've been in touch with their HR, so I'm pretty sure the bureaucratic molasses is flowing on it. It's looking like Adam is going to try to get a follow-on assignment there in Hawaii, so we would likely be there for 4-5 years. I'm still nervous about it, but excited too. I still haven't discussed any of this with my current boss. Waiting on the formal job offer first. I know they are going to be really disppointed when I announce my intention to leave.

It's not like this is a great career move for me. I'm doing it more for personal reasons - to be with Adam, to get out of DC, to get some military experience so I will be more marketable for jobs in Colorado Springs, which is where we want to settle after Hawaii.

Anyway! I'm still spending too much time with the Olympics and oversleeping in the mornings! I ended up at the gym TWICE this week after work and my god it sucked. Soooo crowded and hot!

I ran yesterday - 5 miles out and back. I was lapped by a pregnant lady, but that is completely besides the point! I felt really good and strong. So I can cross that goal off my list. I'm up to 4 chin ups now, I think I could probably squeeze one more out. I'll try that this weekend. As for the last bit - losing 5 more lbs, well..... probably ain't gonna happen. I just haven't been creating a caloric deficit, I've been eating like I'm interested in maintaining my weight (or even GAINING weight, on a few occasions!) I likely needed to chill on the cutting for a spell anyway. No matter, it's all behind me now. There is another TT contest starting August 31, which I will be joining! It was really motivating for me last time, so I think it will help me achieve my goals again.


Lindsey said...

Great job on the workouts! That's a great buildup in a short period of time. BTW I think they call it "henning" when you get lapped by a pregnant woman.

You have to read the post below..its really comical.

Michelle said...

haha HA! looks like henning is getting lapped by a female parent... it's just called sad and pathetic if you get lapped by a PREGNANT woman!!!