Monday, August 18, 2008

Tangled Web of Options

I'm really feeling at peace about the whole Hawaii job thing, not nervous or sleepless at all. Whatever happens, I am fine with. I will not be crushed if I don't get the job. I'm actually feeling even a bit MORE apprehensive about getting offered it because obviously that would mean decisions have to be made and if I decide to take the job, LOTS of change. For someone who moved around all her life and was a self-proclaimed nomad, I have become startlingly averse to changes to the status quo. Perhaps that is part and parcel of growing older? We nest and become more set in our ways? I'm more of a home body too than I ever imagined myself being. I feel like I'm standing near a crossroads in my life. It's not a clear intersection, though, with one way or the other to choose. There are SO MANY different outcomes that could play out in the next couple of years.

I could stay here in DC and Adam could move back here after his HI assignment. I'll ride out the election and continue to advance my career in federal service.

I could take the Hawaii job and move out there, taking a HUGE career risk.

If I take the HI job, when Adam's assignment is up next year, he could take another assignment in HI and we could stay there for several more years. But that risks he will get shipped off to Iraq or Afghanistan (for despite what the Obama camp says, folks, we will still have people in Iraq for probably like ever). And we don't want to be separated for another year. The risk is small since he's in a deployed command right now, but it's still there.

OR.... Adam could get out of the Navy and get a civilian job in HI and we could stay there for a few more years. Good for my career, possibly good for his if he gets a good job. Hard on the finances when we have to eventually move ourselves back to the mainland.

OR... Adam could take another Navy assignment to Colorado, where we ultimately want to end up. Benefits are that the military would move us and he'd have a job there and be able to easily get set up. Problem is, it would likely mean me quitting work to move out there and start job hunting, possibly finding sub-par job or none at all. HOWEVER, that problem could turn into a blessing or opportunity if it forced me to re-evaluate and possibly start a new career path, or even just stay at home to start a family.

OR... Adam could get out of the military and move to Colorado, in which case, neither, either or both of us might be employed. That's likely the biggest risk for both of us career wise.

So you see!!! It's a messy jumble of possibilities and possible opportunities. What to do, what to do...


adam said...

maybe we should quit our jobs and move to wyoming. i'll be the marlboro man and you can be my cowgirl princess.

Visionquester said...

Not to get goofy or anything... but when I get overwhelmed with options... I just let God pick. He's pretty good at that... way better than me.


PS. Actually there are parts of Wyoming that are really beautiful... Cheyenne, Casper, Jackson Hole I heard was nice.