Monday, November 23, 2009

I love this guy.

I am so glad to have this goofy guy home. I went to the hangar to pick him up on Friday and we got to spend the whole weekend relaxing and getting settled in again.

He brought back a box from Afghanistan, but it wasn't presents for me. No. It was protein powder. He brought another case of (free) protein powder home with him.

He has brought home cases of protein powder before. It makes him really happy. Just look at his face! It's something of a sickness for him, needing all this protein powder around.

I am so glad he's home. What could be better than the sight of this in the kitchen when I come downstairs every morning?!

17 Weeks. And I still do not look justifiably pregnant, despite the growing size of that belly!


Nina said...

I agree -- there is just something nice about a man in a kitchen. Particularly if he is making tasty food (or protein shakes). Glad you are settled in with your honey again!

Bisous said...

I'm glad he's home and glad you are feeling well! Hopefully work will improve very soon.