Thursday, November 05, 2009

My Expanding Girth of Pregnant Glory - 14 weeks

14 weeks
Perhaps you can see why I have been relegated to the land of
Pants With Elasticized Waists That Go Up To Your Ears.


Lindsey Broere said...

Awh, what a cute little (I stress little) baby belly!

Its beautiful!

The Wino Wears Running Shoes said...

awwww...cute little baby bump! ;)

Nina said...

Very cute indeed! I think it is fun to look at the pictures...especially because in a few months you will look at that and marvel at how tiny you are...even if you don't feel like it!

Bisous said...

And you'll be wearing them for 3-6 months after the birth (and also at Thanksgiving thereafter) so I hope you buy nice maternity pants. :)

Michelle said...

I *feel* enormous already y'all. And I look at this pic and feel afraid. Very afraid. Because it's only just begun!

Sara said...

I'm all, "WHERE ARE YOUR BELLY SHOTS DAMMIT!" without even scrolling down to find not one, but TWO belly shots. Sorry. And you're the cutest pregnant chick eva! xoxo I am so stoked for y'all!