Monday, November 16, 2009

In which I actually say something nice about Hawaii. Also? My belleh, let me show it to you.

Adam called yesterday to tell me that the plane that is supposed to bring him home is broken! Oh noes! They are *supposed* to be home on Friday now, instead of Thursday. I will believe it when he is here. I'm ready for him to come home! I need my feet rubbed. And that cockroach is still on the living room carpet. Haha, no, just kidding (though I did consider it).

The other day I was on my way home from work and I saw a rainbow. It was the third one I saw that day! And I thought, you know, there are some really great things about living here. I should blog about that so that everyone doesn't think I'm just a complaining uptight bitch who will never be happy. Of course, just then I hit a traffic jam and I was like, oh, right. This. And suddenly I couldn't remember any more reasons I like living here.

There is a traffic jam about once a month on my route home - not normal traffic, but some random jam because Hawaii accident responders can't seem to keep traffic moving while taking care of business. They will just up and close the entire road if they feel like it and you have to turn around and find another way home. On that particular day, it was because the overzealous foliage on the mountainside by the road spit up an errant tree which was blocking one entire lane of traffic. A tree! Just fell off the hillside into the road.

Anyway, here is the list:

- I see rainbows pretty much every single day.

- I see the ocean every single day.

- I have a view of the ocean from my office window.

- I see the beautiful mountains every day.

- Flowers bloom year round.

- My job is not hard, and it's not stressful most of the time.

- I have time to work out in the middle of my workday.

- I can usually leave the office by 4:00 - earlier if it's an aloha Friday.

That's all I came up with before I started seething with irritation.

16 weeks
I feel laughably HUGE, considering how much bigger I am going to get.

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