Sunday, June 20, 2010

Exercise in futility?

It's no wonder my digestive system is malfunctioning.  I barely chew my food anymore; I usually just gulp it down in big bites as fast as possible while jiggling the little on my shoulder.  You would think this inability to cook & eat meals translates into rapid weight loss, but sadly, no, it does not.  When the Little is fussing and won't be put down, do you think I'm going to prepare myself a nice salad and sit and eat it with a fork?  Or grab a handful of trail mix and some cookies to scarf down while I'm pacing the halls?  Hmmm?  I bet you can guess which.

I know I need to clean up my diet if I'm going to lose the baby weight, but I have to admit when I'm tired and hungry or just feeling strung out, I do a fair amount of comfort eating.  I'm getting to where I am figuring out how to exercise regularly even with the Little and even if she doesn't nap - doing it in chunks, taking as long as it takes - but as we all know, that has little to do with whether I will lose the weight!  You can work out till you're blue in the face but if you're still eating too much you'll stay the same.

In a rare moment of foresight, I planned to exercise at home while on maternity leave and bought some hand weights and a stability ball.  You can get a pretty decent work out with body weight exercises and some hand weights!  I have a couple pairs of pre-pregnancy pants that were baggy on me before that fit now (just).  Now if I could only keep my hands out of the cookie jar!

Oddly, though, I actually feel ok with how I look right now.  I'm pretty much in awe of my body after pregnancy - my body created a human, out of nothing! - and I'm feeling a lot more forgiving of it these days.

The Little stirs... blogging time is up!

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Lindsey Broere said...

Surely picking up the car seat counts as exercise...right? Right?! Yeah. I think I read that in a magazine or something :-)

And I'm with you...I LOVE post pregnancy curves...I love seeing those little stores of fat and knowing that those are the milk making powerhouses that allow me to feed my baby.