Thursday, June 10, 2010

Under Pressure

The Little is taking her third nap of the day (on her tummy) next to me on the couch, and while she still requires patting every 20 minutes or so lest she rouse from her peaceful slumber, I am very grateful she is napping instead of fretfully "ehh, ehh-ing" and needing to be carried around. Especially after the past two nights we have had where she decided that instead of going down for the night around 8, she preferred to nurse and get bounced around until 1 am, thereby reducing my already blighted sleep time to four hours.

She woke up from her last nap and wanted to eat right! this! minute! or I'm gonna eat my hand! So we nursed and she fell asleep again, and I put her down even though her diaper was a little (ok, REALLY) wet. Relatedly, why is it that she is perfectly happy to suck on her hand, the carseat strap, or my shoulder, but if you put a pacifier in her mouth she looks at you like you just took a big crap on her shoe?! Why, why, WHY?! I really want her to take a faffy because of the carseat thing (you know, the one where she wails pitifully to be released from her bondage and my heart melts into my ankles), but she has refused three different kinds now. Although, she did suck on one for nearly an hour the other night, but only because she was asleep when I put it in her mouth. Also relatedly (to the diaper, not the faffy): when we were on nurse/fuss repeat mode last night, the Little managed to puke on three pillows, five burp cloths, my hair & shirt, the bed, and pee out an outfit because someone (ADAM) put her diaper on askew and one of her little butt cheeks was hanging completely out of the dipe. Diapering fail. I woke up this morning and my room looked like the linen closet exploded.

Isn't it kind of hilarious when you're burping the baby on your shoulder and you hear an urp come up so you look and find barf all over her face and your shoulder and your hair, and you get all that cleaned up and go to fluff up the pillows you're leaning on and you find MORE urp, like a lot more, all over the pillows, because she barfed OVER your shoulder as well as on it? Or when your mom is carrying the baby and you hear a burp and a splat and you don't even have to be told that she just propulsion urp'ed on the floor? Hahahaha, right? Right! I almost can't remember what we entertained ourselves with before the Little came along and started vomiting and pooping on everything!

I feel so much pressure during naptime to get something done! Yet somehow I have only managed so far to wander around the house uselessly flapping my hands. And write this blog post. It's the small things. Tomorrow a workout?? Stay tuned for these exciting developments!



Oh my gosh. That cracks me up. You just made barf and poo sound like fun.

Lindsey Broere said...

The worst is when you find that renegade barf in your hair or down your back while you are out in public!

I'm glad she's sleeping a little better! Maybe you can take a nice shower.

Nina said...

Turn out that "baby steps" are actually just the tiny, incremental inchings towards life as usual after you have a baby...probably doesn't seem like it, but you ARE heading there!