Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to my people!

Avery's two month birthday was yesterday, and coincidentally it was also Adam's birthday (Happy Birthday Honey!).  She had her two month pediatrician visit - the first time she's seen a doctor since the day after we were released from the hospital.  Not surprisingly, she's doing great and is right on track for her age.  She weighed in at 11.3 lbs, which means she's gained 4.2 lbs since her birth, and technically even more than that since she had dropped below 7 lbs before we left the hospital.  She's in the 50th percentile, which means half of babies are bigger than her and half smaller.  I really liked her pediatrician, which surprised me since we are pretty much stuck with whatever the military clinic has to offer.  Avery didn't cry at all and only fussed a little when the ped put her cold stethoscope on her, and when she looked in her ears.

I was worrying about her vaccinations because I started doing research and ended up deciding to delay any vaccinations until at least 6 months.  Initially I was thinking I would just go ahead and start them yesterday, but spread them out instead of giving her 6 at one time, but after digging into it more, I decided I didn't want her to have any vaccines yet.  I fully expected the pediatrician to bully me at least a little bit, but when I told her we wanted to delay them, she didn't even bat an eye.  She just said, ok just let us know when you want to do them.  I'm still a tiny bit on the fence about whether I want her to have ANY vaccines.  After all I now know about food politics, where big corporations are in bed with the government agencies that regulate them... you know pharmaceutical companies have an even bigger lobby than ag.  I don't know.  I will probably still get her some of the vaccines, but there are a few I'm really leaning towards no (rotavirus, chickenpox, definitely not flu, and no MMR until she enters school).

Adam was supposed to go with me to the appointment, but he ended up having to work the two days he was supposed to be off, making it 12 out of 13 days!  We miss him around here.  Thank goodness my mom was able to come back early so she was there to help me.  I think I would really be on the verge of institutionalization if I was all alone so much... this baby is still quite the handful!  Although I think we have passed through whatever growth/developmental spurt we were slogging through thank the lord!

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Lindsey Broere said...

Wow...busy day at the Siler house

So glad to hear you are delaying vaccines! I did the same with Adalei. She had two vaccines last week and took them like a fussiness.

I also declined the Rotavirus and chicken pox and am looking for a way to get the MMR separated out into three different vaccines.