Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Human pacifier and the velcro baby

No, that's not the name of my new garage band. It's me and Avery. She's been stuck to me, mainly on the boob, pretty much constantly. Little Avery is having a hard time the last week or so. She has been extra fussy, and crying a lot more. And clinging to me! Poor baby. I think it's probably a combination of two things. First, my mom left. I think she formed an attachment to my mom as her second mommy and when she left it threw her little world off kilter. Second, it's possible she is going through another growth spurt. The internet (from which all wisdom comes) says that when they go through growth or developmental spurts, they often get extra fussy and want to nurse all the time for comfort and reassurance. This too shall pass... this too shall pass...

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Lindsey Broere said...

This too shall are right. And believe it or not, you'll look back and think it passed TOO fast. Crazy..I know, but true.

I told myself with Layla (cause she nursed all the time too early on) that I was just burning extra calories. HA...whatever makes it easier, right :-)