Monday, March 08, 2010

32 Weeks, 30 Years

I suppose it would have been more poignant to turn 30 weeks on the same day that I turned 30 years, but it'll have to do. Man, I cannot believe I've been on this earth for 30 years! It seems incredible. I'm glad to say that I'm happier right now than ever before. I have a pretty little baby on the way, an amazing husband, a great job and a charmed life. What more could I ask for?

Guys, check out my Christmas Cactus! It is my one gardening success. The majority of the plants I started out with when we moved to Hawaii have succumbed to one sad fate or another. But the Christmas Cactus is blooming all over the place! There are four flowers on it now, and I counted four more buds about to pop out. All this little guy needed was a bigger pot. It was totally root bound in its original container, but it didn't bite the dust, it just held on until my mom finally repotted it for me, and now look at it!

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Abby said...

Michelle - you are looking great! It's so exciting when that due date gets closer!

And I am impressed with the cactus. I definitely do NOT have a green thumb. :)