Wednesday, March 17, 2010

33 weeks of pregnant glory

The problem with reading other people's pregnancy blogs is that your sense of the reality of the process gets disoriented. I love to read about other people's pregnancies on their blogs... but you can read through the entire pregnancy and postpartum period in an hour or two. Your brain starts to get impatient with the process as you start imagining having the Little One in your arms!

I like this picture because even though I am finally looking as enormous as I feel, you can see the faintest hint of muscle definition in my arm - a memory of what once was. 33 weeks omgomgomg. It seems like I have both an interminably long and impossibly short amount of time left, depending on my mood. My feet and legs are swelling a LOT lately, exacerbated by sitting all day at my desk, and every time I look at them I nearly hyperventilate at the thought of spending 7+ more weeks in this condition. Same thoughts when I am struggling to shave my legs, or heave my circumference to and fro as I try to find a comfortable sleeping position.

But then? When I walk past our "nursery" (aka, the area where we haphazardly dump all the baby stuff as we acquire it), my heart races as I contemplate how much there is to do before the baby comes and how there is not. enough. TIIIIIIME! When I think about the birth, and nursing, and poopy diapers, and doctor appointments and potty training and puberty and college tuition, I practically have to lie down so I don't have an anxiety attack because DEAR LORD I WILL NEVER BE READY FOR THIS WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

The iconic Mother. I bestowed her with some leis in the hopes that she will be generous with the graces for me.

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Bisous said...

There's plenty of time when the baby comes! If you have a little bassinet, the crib can wait for 2-3 months. :)